New Awards Recognize Mentorship and Equity

Fifteen years ago, the Faculty of Medicine held its first Education Day to recognize excellence and leadership in education. The event has grown to become an annual celebration— and this year, it expanded again with the creation of two new MD Program awards. The Norman Rosenblum Award for Excellence in Mentorship and the Miriam Rossi Award for Health Equity in Undergraduate Medical Education were presented for the first time this spring.
Sep 20 / 2018

Faces of U of T Medicine: Paolo David

What do music, medicine and video games all have in common? They’re some of Paolo David’s passions. This fall, he will join the MD Class of 2T2 as a first-year medical student. He talked to writer Julia Soudat about his interest in family medicine and why he chose U of T.
Aug 23 / 2018

Faces of U of T Medicine: Sheza Qayyum

There was no “aha!” moment for Sheza Qayyum that made her realize she wanted to be a doctor. She’s always been interested in science and her curiosity and desire to help others led her to medicine. As she gets ready to start medical school this year, she reflects on her journey and offers advice to those hoping to pursue medicine.
Aug 23 / 2018

Faces of U of T Medicine: Muskaan Sachdeva

Muskaan Sachdeva is passionate about rural medicine, Zumba and learning new languages. As she prepares to join the MD Class of 2T2, she shares what she’s most excited about with Faculty of Medicine writer Julia Soudat.
Aug 23 / 2018
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