Faces of U of T Medicine: Sujen Saravanabavan

MD Student Sujen SaravanabavanSujen Saravanabavan is passionate about helping others. In addition to his medical studies, the third-year student is also an active member of various student leadership groups. This weekend, he’ll be presented with an MD Financial Management Student Leadership Award at the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) Spring General Meeting in Halifax.

Medical Students March For a Permanent Fix to Residency Shortages

Dozens of medical students from U of T and across the province gathered at Queen’s Park on April 25 to press political leaders for a long-term solution to the lack of residency spots for graduating medical students.

U of T Working for MD Student Success

Nine MD students from the University of Toronto found spots in the second round of residency matching released today by the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS).

Still, there are not enough residency spots available to qualified medical school graduates in Canada, an issue that medical schools and students from U of T and beyond are working hard to address across the system. In the 2018 MD class, 20 students remain unmatched.

Personal Leadership & Emotional Intelligence Workshop 2018

Faces of U of T Medicine: Women of 2T0 & 2T1

In honour of International Women's Day, MD students Yezarni Wynn and Asia van Buuren put together a campaign to celebrate some of their classmates.

The women featured in the profiles below were nominated by their classmates for their friendship, their passion, their commitment to their communities, and so much more.



Foundations Curriculum Student Experience Blog: The Blanket Exercise

Unidentifiable students participate in the Blanket Exercise.Last week, I had the amazing experience of completing the blanket exercise with my classmates in Mississauga. The exercise is an interactive learning experience that teaches Indigenous history. While standing on blankets representing the lands that Indigenous peoples have lived on since time immemorial, we learned about 500 years’ worth of history from an Indigenous perspective.

Faces of U of T Medicine: Maneesha Rajora

From bioengineering to Bollywood dance, Maneesha Rajora’s experience at the Faculty of Medicine has been broad.

These Students are Patient Advocates

Megan Woolner was a third-year medical student at the University of Toronto when she met Anahita [not her real name], a recent immigrant from Iran who had come to the family medicine clinic at North York General Hospital.

Medical Students Lobby City Council to Help the Homeless

They say you can’t fight city hall, so a group of first- and second-year medical students is joined them to present a homelessness advocacy initiative to members of council.

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