In-course awards

Awards listed in this section do not require an application and are decided by the Awards Committee based on the criteria presented below.

For those awards with financial need as a criterion, unmet need, as assessed by the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) or the University of Toronto Advanced Planning for Students (UTAPS) , will be used to determine level of need.





Baptie Scholarship

  • academic standing in first year
  • financial need



J.P. Boley Prize in Ophthalmology

  • highest achievement in Ophthalmology



Clara Adele Brown, MD Memorial Scholarship

  • academic achievement
  • financial need



Chinese Canadian Medical Society Scholarships

  • one award to highest standing in first-year Anatomy
  • one award to highest standing in first-year Metabolism and Nutrition


Two awards at
$500 each

Dr. Frederick James Colling, OBE,
Memorial Scholarship

  • high academic standing in second year


May be renewable
for three years

FCCP Education Foundation Second Year CPPH Course Award
  • based on academic performance to student enrolled in "Community, Population and Public Health course
3 $1,000

Franckel Memorial Award

  • honours standing in third year
  • student does not hold any other award in that year



Dr. Kelly Gollish 5T7 Memorial Award
(Medical Alumni Association Award)

  • honours standing
  • demonstrated interest in ophthalmology through clinical or research participation
  • financial need

2 & 3


Dr. R.E. Haist Award in Physiology
(Medical Alumni Association Award)

  • high standing in Physiology



R. I. Harris Undergraduate Award
  • special interest and achievement in orthopaedic surgery
  • best article relating to orthopaedic surgery submitted for publication to the Undergraduate Medical Journal during the academic year
1-4 $400
Dr. Louis Kagan Memorial Award
  • good academic standing
  • special ability to pursue further studies in ophthalmology
3 $1,000
Herta Leyss Scholarship
  • academic excellence
1-4 $500
Edward and Alice Palmer Memorial Scholarships
  • one award to student with second highest standing in first medical year
  • one award to student with second highest standing in second medical year
1&2 $385
Dr. and Mrs. M.A. Pollock Award
  • academic excellence
  • financial need
1 $350
R.A. Reeve Prize
  • scholarly achievement
1 $75
Norris and Rita Rodbard Memorial Scholarship
  • one award to a student with highest standing in first medical year
  • one award to a student with highest standing in second year
1 & 2 $2,500
Dr. J.S. Thompson Memorial Award in Gross Embryology
  • greatest ability in Gross Anatomy and Embryology
1 $1,100
Dr. C.S. Wainwright Memorial Scholarships
  • highest academic standing in the first year of medical school
1 $150
May be renewable for four years
Walter F. Watkins Scholarships
  • honours standing in the academic year just completed
1-3 $172
John Zoberman Scholarship
  • honours standing in the first year
1 $300


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