Admissions blog: Spotlight on the MCAT Student Support Program

The Community of Support is a program created by the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine focused on increasing the number of students that are Indigenous, Black and economically disadvantaged in the MD program. Over the next few weeks, the admissions blog will highlight interviews with medical students who have helped create aspects of the Community of Support or volunteered their time with the Community of Support. 
Oct 16 / 2017

Faces of U of T Medicine: Ayan Dey

For student Ayan Dey, the desire to merge research and clinical practice made the MD/PhD Program at U of T seem like an obvious choice. Currently in his 7th year of the program, Dey talked to Faculty of Medicine writer Julia Soudat about research interests, future plans and life outside of academia.
Sep 28 / 2017

Addressing Unique Patient Needs with Technology

Jason Jaewoo Park wants to be a doctor who can impact patient outcomes with technology.
Sep 22 / 2017
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