Measuring and Supporting Success

You take a course. It ends with an exam. You get a mark. You move on (or not). For many years, that was the pattern of evaluation students encountered in university.
Sep 6 / 2017

Admissions blog: Spotlight on the Research Application Support Initiative

The Community of Support is a program created by the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine focused on increasing the number of students that are Indigenous, Black and economically disadvantaged in the MD program. Over the next few weeks, the admissions blog will highlight interviews with medical students who have helped create aspects of the Community of Support or volunteered their time with the Community of Support. 
Aug 29 / 2017

Faces of U of T Medicine: Tommy Hana

This fall, Tommy Hana will join the incoming MD Class of 2T1. He spoke with Faculty of Medicine writer Julia Soudat about the diverse community that gave him opportunities, his experience at the World Health Organization and how Dr. Maya Angelou has inspired him to be a rainbow in someone else’s clouds.  
Aug 25 / 2017

Faces of U of T Medicine: Adam and David Bobrowski

Adam and David Bobrowski are brothers who are starting medical school this fall (yes, their parents are very proud). They spoke to Faculty of Medicine writer Julia Soudat about why they’re excited to be joining the MD Class of 2T1, what made them want to become doctors and what their strategies are for de-stressing during exam time.
Aug 24 / 2017
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